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AndyKnillArt Studio

I was a geography (and other subjects) teacher to 11 – 16 year olds until December 2016 when my mental health meant that my life needed a new direction. I had been keeping sketch books since June 2015 as a mindfulness exercise that helped me to switch off from work.

I arrived in Purbeck, Dorset on the Jurassic Coast. I realised that I used a medium that no-one else locally was, so I thought I would see if any of my work would sell. Intended as a hobby / semi retirement activity.

Is it still just a hobby?

My art has become something that I work at all year round but not full time. I have now developed it into a small business, including renting my own shop in Swanage, the aims are:

– to sell some art

– share the joy of enjoying art as an activity through ‘Art for fun’

– continue to create more art inspired by my surroundings and activities within them



21 Commercial Road, Swanage, Dorset, BH19 1DF


50.6089277, -1.9581364